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    Da illest emma moment yet. Zoe looking creepy as ever.

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    You heard me hooker!

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    Bantering with The Blonds

    Our highly anticipated interview with the glamourous power house known as The Blonds. Needless to say our interns were excited.

    [caption id=”attachment_580” align=”aligncenter” width=”600” caption=”David and Phillipe Blond”][/caption]

    Q:You have admitted to being inspired by glamorous blonds like Marilyn, but
    how do you think you inspire the new generation of aspiring blond vixens?

    A:Hopefully we inspire them to be more glamorous! You don’t have to be blonde to be Blond!!

    Q: The recent trend after the economy crashed is to become your own brand and
    sell yourself. Clearly The Blonds were very successful with breaking into the
    industry. What advice would you give for a young designer trying to start out on
    their own?

    A:You have to choose something you love and stick to it. Create something that’s different and unique. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM!

    Q:What was personally the hardest obstacle for you to overcome to reach your
    level of success?

    A:There are so many obstacles in life but you work through the challenges and most of the time something better than you ever expected comes out of it.

    Q:We love your designs whether it’s for the runway or for the stars, but who do
    you prefer to design for? Yourself or clients?

    A:Our clients breathe life into our clothes and inspire us to do what we do. Of course we love dressing up too!

    [caption id=”attachment_582” align=”aligncenter” width=”450” caption=”Beyonce in a bodysuit from The Blonds A/W 2011 collection.”][/caption]

    Q:You are known for being one of the nicest designers in the industry. How
    important do you think personality is in fashion? And have you ever had issues
    with other people’s egos (no names necessary)?

    A:Thanks, being nice is a prerequisite in any field and you definitely catch more flies with Honey! Personality is so important and even more important is a good sense of humor. If we had issues with anyone we wouldn’t work with them.

    Q: The Blonds are everything that is glam-rock, but if you had to choose your
    favorite look what would it be?

    A:That pretty much sums it up.

    Q:You have been a staple in fashion for several years and have bumped elbows
    with some of the greatest. When was your “wow I’ve made it moment”?

    A:Every moment we get the opportunity to spend doing what we love is a “WOW MOMENT”. Recently we had a big one with Barbie!

    [caption id=”attachment_581” align=”aligncenter” width=”576” caption=”The Blonds Barbie”][/caption]

    Q:With the price of materials going up drastically including leather and cotton
    have you found alternative ways to generate amazing looks?

    A:Materials is the last thing to be sacrificed when producing a look. Sometimes the budget isn’t ideal but we know how to work it!

    and finally…

    Q:Many designers are branching out of fashion design and collaborating with
    corporations and artists. What do you seem coming next for The Blonds?

    A:You never know so stay tuned! ;))

    We at Team K would like to thank The Blonds for not only keeping us on our toes, but truly supporting the creative community. We can hardly weight to see what grandiose statement pieces one of our favorite labels struts down the runway. To view their most recent collection click here.


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    Sofía Sanchez Barrenechea, Creative Director

    “I’m a creative director, and I also have a company that represents Argentinean designers and sells their wares online. It’s called The idea behind the website was that every time I used to travel and wear something that wasn’t from New York, people were always like, ‘Oh! Where is that from?!’ and I’m always like, ‘Oh… Buenos Aires,’ where I’m from, or, ‘It’s from a friend who sells it in her house.’ So eventually I decided to help my friends out.

    Floral and studded. 



    Diamond studded nail ring! #bijulesterie #original (Taken with Instagram)

    It just keeps getting better and better for our girl Jules Kim

    Fashion has gone to the birds. 

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    Is this body paint thing still happening?

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    Kreative Results.

    As we promised we finally got our hands on the final edited photo shoot finals. Have a look and enjoy.

    All images were taken by Rocio Segura and make up was done by Denise Daly.

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